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Adventure and Extreme in West Burke, VT

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Nick Altschuller
Boston continues to improve as a cycling city, with more riders taking to the streets every year. Yet navigation can be tricky inside the Hub's snarl of alleys and cow paths, and, while thrilling, sharing the bike lane with a crosstown bus may not be the excitement you're looking for. For a less... read more

Mount Hor

Sutton, VT

5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings

The three vistas encompassed by this hike take in surprisingly varied scenery. Two offer views of Lake Willoughby a...


Bald Mountain

West Burke, VT

The ski tour up and over Bald Mountain features fun downhill skiing and a summit fi re tower with spectacular views...


Mount Pisgah Trail

West Burke, VT

4 out of 5 based on 1 ratings

Did a climb up Mount Hor pique your interest in the Pisgah cliffs across the lake? These cliffs, plummeting more th...


Victory Bog

East Burke, VT

- Victory State Forest offers 15,826 acres for canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, hunting and limited camping....


This ride's general location is 4 miles north of West Burke on VT 5A. Scenery includes great views of Lake Willough...



East Burke, VT

Sidewinder is a super short, but fast and flowy trail. It is maintained by the trail crew at Kingdom Trails alon...


Kingdom Trails

East Burke, VT

4 out of 5 based on 1 ratings

Kingdom trails is a network of trails. There are about 100 miles of trails. The trails are well maintained by th...



West Burke, VT

This ride's general location is 4 miles north of West Burke on VT 5A. Scenery includes great views of Lake Willough...


Nulhegan Pond

Island Pond, VT

This tiny pond, with its two outlet streams, is a great place to study marshland plants. we have seen raven, great ...


Dennis Pond, Brunswick, Vermont

Brunswick Springs, VT

A few rather unobtrusive hunting cabins huddle along the northeastern shore of Dennis Pond, land once owned by Inte...


May Pond

Barton, VT

Protected by The Nature conservancy because of its unique ecological character, this small, little-known pond prese...


This section of the Connecticut River has great views of hills and farm country. It is mostly flat water with so...


Dennis Pond

Brunswick, VT

even though the road to the pond can be a challenge, a visit to isolated dennis Pond is worth the visit, as it is a...


Flagg Pond

Wheelock, VT

Northern bog vegetation fills the hummocks and shore of this small out-of-the-way pond. This is a great place to st...


If you like multisport recreation, Hosmer Ponds and craftsbury offer great choices. you can go paddling, mountain b...


Located in the heart of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, the small, out-of-the-way Flagg Pond rarely sees many visitors...


This ride's general location is 1 mile north of Craftsbury Common. The ride begins and ends at the Craftsbury Outdo...


Riders with an aversion to hill climbing may want to skip this one. But those looking for some exercise, magnificen...

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