Meet Scout, your daily personal navigator.
The top-ranked maps, traffic, and GPS navigation app for Android just got better! See how you can make getting together with friends a pre-party on wheels.
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Just because you do it every day doesn't mean it should be a drag. Make it easier with Scout.
Be Prepared
See real-time home and work commute times on the dashboard and multiple routes to make sure you're always well informed.
Scout for Android

Prepare Others
With OnMyWay ETA sharing, you can make sure that whoever needs to know knows where you are, how long it will take you to get there, and when the party can get started.
Scout for Android
Scout helps you know where traffic is and exactly how to get
around it.
Know About It
With over 100 million traffic sources, you get the best traffic information, and with traffic summary and incident icons displayed on the map, you know exactly what's out there.
Scout for Android

Get Around It
Street level traffic takes all routes into consideration when routing, so you know your route is the best possible.
Scout for Android
Now you can meet up with friends and kick boredom to the curb.
Discover and Drive With Friends
With Scout, you can share your ETA with a group of people and everyone can see each other’s real time position, so meeting up becomes a breeze.
Scout for Android

Get Ready for the Weekend
Scout will notify you of the upcoming weekend’s events, so you can own the weekend.
Scout for Android
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