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Arts and Culture in Dover, MA

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Nick Altschuller
An open house offers so much entertainment. There's the voyeuristic tingle that comes with browsing a stranger's master bedroom. There's the daydreaming of a different life, where this time you get the skylight you've always wanted and somehow learned to love Victorian interior design. And, of... read more

SEE more than 25 exhibitions each year in a series of changing exhibitions. Focusing on American Art from the 1...


The Waterworks Museum interprets unique stories of the country's first metropolitan water system through exh...


The Metropolitan Waterworks Museum is located at the original Chestnut Hill Reservoir and pumping station. Bu...


Jack Kevorkian, also known as "Dr. Death,"; was born in 1928 in Pontiac, MI, and received a medical degree wi...


Here stood the home of Thomas Eames, burned by the Indians in King Philip’s War Feb. 1, 1676. His wife and five child...


Site of first meetinghouse and center of settlement of the Sudbury Plantation, 1638.


This tablet marks the George Washington Memorial Highway at Waltham 1732 ------- 1932


Through this place passed General Henry Knox in the winter of 1775 1776 to deliver to General George Washington at Ca...


Site of Walpole's first houses of God, Those of Reverend Philip Payson and Reverend George Morey, Early Harvard Gradu...


Through this place passed General Henry Knox in the winter of 1775 1776 to deliver to General George Washington at Ca...


Powisset Farm

Dover, MA

Powisset Farm features a classic old barn, pond, pigs “Tink” and “Molly,” chickens, 104 acres of fields, and...


Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory, is located at the top of a scenic mountain range south of Boston. It w...


Built in 1768, the Golden Ball Tavern was the home of prominent 18th century Westonian Isaac Jones. The tave...


The Clay Center for Science and Technology at the Dexter and Southfield Schools is a state-of-the-art astron...


On this site John Eliot helped his Indian converts to build their first meetinghouse in 1651, with a "prophet's chamb...


Peak House

Medfield, MA

The original house, built in 1651, was burned when King Philip's Indians burnt the town of Medfield in 1676. Seth Cla...


Pike Haven Homestead

Framingham, MA

Built in 1693 by Jeremiah Pike. He and his descendants were town and militia officers, yeomen and makers of spinning ...



Watertown, MA

Settled by Puritans in 1630 under the leadership of Sir Richard Saltonstall and the Rev. George Phillips who stood fi...

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