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Atalaya Mountain
1845 Camino De Cruz Blanca
Santa Fe, NM 87505

4 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
"Extreme technical riding through the rocky, piñon-studded foothills to the summit of Atalaya Mountain (9,121 feet). Don’t even attempt this ride unless you are an expert cyclist with skills to handle extreme, rocky climbs and descents on narrow singletrack. The trail up to Atalaya Mountain gains..."
JillR did this trip on 7/10/2009 and gave it 3 stars out of 5: Beautiful views, but the last part of the hike is uphill all the way. It's too hot in the middle of the day... from
Extremely difficult, technical, and slow acent. Not for the unconditioned. It has a 3,000 ft elevation change in under 3 miles. Challenging acent, but ridiculous downhill... from
It just keeps getting steeper and steeper! Glad I was on a light hardtail for the times I had to shoulder the bike to climb because it was too hard to push the bike uphil... from
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"General Description One of the choices hikers have on this trail is the option of taking the longer route (Trail 174), an approximately 7 miles trip, or starting at the parking-lot near the Ponderosa Ridge development and doing a 4.6-mile loop (Trail 170) instead. The trails eventually merge to..."
"This challenging 5.8-mile hike climbs through pinon scrub and rust-red ponderosa pine before topping out 2,000 feet above Santa Fe's adobe sprawl."
"The trail takes you toward the top of Atalaya Mountain, a 9,121-foot peak. The first few miles of the trail are"

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Atalaya Mountain

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