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Connecticut Historical Museum
1 Elizabeth St
Hartford, CT 06105
(860) 236-5621
Yelp (59)
"Established in 1825, Connecticut Historical Society (CHS) is a non-profit museum, library, and education center. It is one of the oldest historical societies in the nation and houses one of the most distinguished collections in New England. CHS is home to one of the most comprehensive research..."
Angus W.
The tour costs $18 and takes about an hour. Samuel Clemens and his wife had this house built in 1874 and had to move from it in 1891 due to financial... more
Todd M.
Just an incredible place I feel that has so much history in it. The house for the time frame is an incredible piece of work. Two Well known books were... more
Anne C.
Museum and Grounds - 3 stars Guided Tour - 2 stars (At Best) As a native to Connecticut I remember coming here as a youngster with my parents and being... more
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"Founded in 1825, CHS has interactive, educational exhibits; family and youth programs; special events; and a significant library and research center to foster and explore a passion for history."


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Connecticut Historical Museum

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