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fundy trail
Nottingham, NH

5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings
"Wide, clearly marked trail with some nice surprises. Includes rolling terrain featuring double dips in many spots, sharp bends, and several bridges. Scenic swamps, lakes and coves border the trail on the right. Shorter trails (including Shaw trail) which connect to Fundy Trail can be added to the..."
Fundy Trail is a great trail! As stated it links up to a larger system of trails (try looping fundy, shaw, and mountain trail). Smooth flowing sections, switchbacks, tech... from
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"General Description A walk on the Fundy Trail, which borders Burnhams Marsh, can be very enjoyable in the early morning or evening when the beavers, white-tailed deer and great blue heron are most apt to be active. Fundy Trail begins at trail marker 3, left off the park entrance road, just across..."

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fundy trail

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