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Haunted Houses in Linwood, KS

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HISTORY AND DESCRIPTION:This limestone Memorial Stadium was dedicated in the early 1920s to be an athletic p...


Eldridge Hotel

Lawrence, KS

Located in the heart of historic downtown Lawrence, Kansas, this hotel is surrounded by an abundance of unique shops, art gal...


Red-Eyed Man

Piper, KS

Many years ago, a young teenage girl was killed by her jealous adopted sister. Today the house is plagued by pa...


Lynch House

Lawrence, KS

During Quantrill s Raid of the city, a young girl was raped and killed in the basement of this house. Today doo...


Sauer Castle

Kansas City, KS

LOCATION:This castle is very tricky to find, but Tom and I were tenacious and we finally found it, after get...


LOCATION: Strawberry Hill Mansion Museum can be found on a terrace on the side of a hill, 10 to 15 feet abov...


In this old cemetery lies an old, burnt church that was the site of Satanic rituals many years ago. Many have s...


Strawberry Hill Museum

Kansas City, KS

In this cemetery, many have seen Native Americans being chased across the street by cavalry soldiers. Others ha...


Buried in the Back

Kansas City, KS

Many years ago, a crazed man killed his wife and two children inside this home. He then buried them in the back...


Music Hall

Kansas City, MO

HISTORY OF MANIFESTATIONS: The Kansas Music City Hall was created to be a glorious place to go to where one ...

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