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Hiking in Marysville, CA

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This trail features one of the area's best waterfalls in the Sierra foothills. The little-known Spenceville Wildlif...


The Sutter Buttes is a landmark that can be seen for well over 100 square miles in the Sacramento Valley. While...


Beale Falls

Smartville, CA

This isn't the most difficult hike in the world, but it's one of my favorites. The terrain is extremely varied ...


Englebright Lake is nestled in the steep Yuba River canyon, of the Sierra Nevada foothills. This location offer...


Fairy Falls Trail

Sacramento, CA

3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

This hike includes something for a wide variety of interests. Following Old Spenceville Road, where the lone oak st...


Rustic paths lead through a wildlife sanctuary on the banks of the Feather River, where you’ll share the trail with...


Sutter Buttes Trails

Dean Place, CA

Reputed to be the smallest free-standing mountain range in the United States, the Sutter Buttes rise more than 2000...


The hike follows an easy circuit through the refuge and offers good opportunities for viewing wildlife. Binoculars ...


4 out of 5 based on 1 ratings

This peculiar mountain range forms a circle about 10 miles in diameter, with peaks reaching well over 2000 feet abo...


More waterfowl visit the Great Valley than any other region along the Pacific Flyway. The Gray Lodge Wildlife Area,...


This site is a mix of two kinds of habitat: rolling foothill country and flat agricultural rice fields. The two flo...


The Colusa Sacramento River State Recreation Area is currently being operated by the City of Colusa. For reservations, ...


Buttermilk Bed Trail

Sacramento, CA

4 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

Prepare for extraordinary views of the South Yuba River from rock benches along this easy trail. Here, the riparian...


Point Defiance Trail

Sacramento, CA

The Point Defiance Trail is a straight, short shot downriver and back. A mere 1 mile long one-way, this trail takes...


Point Defiance Loop

Nevada City, CA

5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

This short loop hike through the foothills starts by crossing a historic covered bridge, and visits the drowned con...


3 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

Stand on what is considered the most remarkable covered bridge in the United States, and then follow the wide and p...


Englebright Lake

Penn Valley, CA

Stroll the country’s most remarkable covered bridge, and then explore the dancing final stretch of the South Yuba R...


Who knew? In the Yuba foothills are award‐winning wineries, world‐class olive oils, the smallest mountain range in ...


Who knew? In the Yuba foothills are award‐winning wineries, world‐class olive oils, the smallest mountain range in ...

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