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Hiking Trails in Northborough, MA

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Nick Altschuller
The middle of the 19th century saw the arrival of Transcendentalism, a philosophy grounded in the idea that intelligence "transcends" what we can decipher with our five senses, and true knowledge can be gleaned through intuition. It's a rather self-assured school of thought, which makes it no... read more

Wachusett Res. is a drinking supply, however they allow fishing. Its on 4,135 acres of land (built between 1987-...


Gates Pond

Berlin, MA

4 out of 5 based on 1 ratings

Gates Pond is a reservoir in Berlin, MA. There is a trail that loops around the pond that is approximately a 45-...


Take Loop Rd (dirt road) east until you hit the intersection with Park Rd. Take Park Rd south. For more interes...


The beautifully designed gardens and broad range of plants laid out by the Worcester County Horticultural Society a...


This 2,600 acre forest offers multiple trail uses including hiking, bicycling, snowshoing, and cross country ski...


Located in the northwest corner of Framingham, Callahan State Park and the adjacent Welch Reservation provide over ...


4 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

The first time we ever hiked here, in springtime, we were greeted by an unusual sight; a parade of people dressed i...


The apple is the fruit of love—even allowing for the troubles Eve and Adam encountered on their fruit-picking exped...


Broad Meadow Brook

Worcester, MA

About the Conservation Center: Explore over 400 acres of woods, fields, streams, and marsh. Look for 78 diff...


Hop Brook

Marlborough, MA

The trail is very flat throughout the hike. It is dog friendly; you can let them off leash once you have gone be...


I usually take this quick loop with my little dogs, and it would be good for small children too. Start in the pa...


This loop provides a good overview of Mount Pisgah Conservation Area lands with virtually flat hiking except for th...


Approximately 4,000 acres of water and woods, maintained by the Department of Conservation and Recreation, offer tr...


Gates Pond

Berlin, MA

Finding a lake left in its natural state is rare indeed here in eastern Massachusetts. Here’s a pond that doesn’t h...


Rocky Pond

Boylston, MA

It's a nice easy hike through the forest. You end up at Rocky Pond where there's approximately three hundred fee...


Whitehall Resevoir

Hopkinton, MA

A great day hike/trail run in the middle of Hopkinton. There is also no charge for parking. Although it is in a ...

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