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Hill Ridge Farms
703 Tarboro Rd
Youngsville, NC 27596
(919) 556-1771

4 out of 5 based on 1 ratings
Yelp (5)
"Fun for all ages waits at Hill Ridge Farms. Visitors may pan for gem stones in the stone mine, enjoy the scenic hayride tour of the farm, make friends in the petting zoo, feed the fish from the floating dock, pick pumpkins and strawberries, sample homemade items at the country store or just enjoy..."
Katherine S.
This review is based on the Festival of Lights. If it was cheaper, I'd call it lame, but for the money I spent, it's a rip-off. They charge you the same... more
Kelly C.
This is more of an activity area than a farm. $5 to get in with a wrist band for people 2 and older. At first I disliked this place. It reminded me of a... more
Adri T.
Headed out to Hill Ridge Farms on Saturday to partake in some fall pumpkin patch action. The weather was perfecto, so it was a great day to hang out at the... more
Other Reviews
Hill Ridge Farms is located just outside of Wake Forest and near Raleigh NC. The fall festival at the farm is a lot of fun and includes picking your own pumpkin after the... from
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Hill Ridge Farms

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