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Historic Sites in Elizabeth, PA

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The Rostraver Township Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation of history, artifacts, historic buil...


George Westinghouse

East Pittsburgh, PA

Inventor of air brake and some 400 other devices. Developed AC transmission of electric current. Spent creative years...


The museum consists of six rooms with numerous displays of local memorabilia, including old photographs. ...


Queen Aliquippa

Mckeesport, PA

An influential leader of the Seneca Nation in this area and ally of the British during the time of the French & India...


Noted biochemist, born in Monessen. Recipient, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1972, for his pioneering study into the stru...



Monongahela, PA

Oldest settlement in the valley and transportation center since the days of Devore's Ferry, chartered 1775. Laid out ...


Plant here began in 1886. Acquired by Andrew Carnegie in 1890, then by United States Steel in 1901. Workers here impl...


Arthur J. Rooney

Coulters, PA

Prominent Western Pennsylvania civic and sports leader and owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, 1933-1988. With his guid...


The Horseshoe Baptist Church was built first in 1790 on land formerly owned by Abraham Frye. In 1810 a brick church r...


In these two adjoining cemeteries are buried six of the seven Carnegie Steel Company workers killed during the Battle...


One of the nation's earliest and most successful river navigation systems, its series of locks and dams, begun in 183...


Whiskey Point

Monongahela, PA

The bluff at Main Street and Park Avenue was the site on August 14, 1794, of a meeting of 226 whiskey rebels. Albert ...


Frances Perkins

Homestead, PA

United States Secretary of Labor, 1933-1945. Visited Homestead July 1933 to discuss New Deal policy. Local authoritie...


George Adam Weddell

Sutersville, PA

This pioneer settler of Rostraver Township, Westmoreland County, arrived in Philadelphia from Rotterdam aboard the sh...


Homestead Strike

Pittsburgh, PA

On the morning of July 6, 1892, on orders of the Carnegie Steel Company, 300 Pinkerton agents attempted to land near ...


In the largest work stoppage to that date, over 350,000 U.S. workers went off the job. Reverend Adalbert Kazincy, pas...


John M. Phillips

Pittsburgh, PA

Creator of the state game land system. Known as the Pennsylvania System, it was a model throughout the nation. Philli...


Immigrants from Italy, Central Europe and other regions settled in Monongahela, Pennsylvania. Through hard work, comm...


Before the success of his electric company, George Westinghouse developed the air brake for railroads. It was an inno...


Built in 1906-1907, Carrie Blast Furnaces 6 and 7 are the only remaining pre-World War II era blast furnaces in the Pit... cr.nps

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