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Historic Sites in Hereford, AZ

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- The exhibits and programs of the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum communicate the history of Bisbee and its e...


The San Pedro riparian area, containing about 40 miles of the upper San Pedro River, was designated by Congress...


Mule Pass

Bisbee, AZ

Front of obelisk Road Constructed by Prison Labor 1913-14 Board of Control Geo. W.P. Hunt Governor C. Callaghan Audit...


At this location in 1952, a large bone bed was discovered containing the remains of extinct mammoth, tapir, bison and...


Located on the Lehner Ranch and excavated in 1955-56 by the Arizona State Museum, the site showed that about 11,000 yea... cr.nps


Tombstone City Hall

Tombstone, AZ

Tombstone is located about 70 miles southeast of Tucson, perfect for a day trip. Some of the biggest legends of the...


Fort Huachuca

Sierra Vista, AZ

There are two museums at Fort Huachuca housed in three separate buildings. All are within just a short walk fro...



Bisbee, AZ

Bisbee is a class E copper-mining town that is still an active community of 5575 people (2010 census), a magn... history.rootsweb



Charleston, AZ

Charleston sits on the west bank of the San Pedro River, 3/4 of a mile north where the Charleston Road crosse... history.rootsweb


Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone, AZ

In 1877 prospector Ed Schieffelin searched for silver in Apache land. He was told he would only find his own tombston...


Rose Tree

Tombstone, AZ

In 1934, Robert Ripley declares the Rose Bush the World's Largest in the Newpaper column "Believe it or Not". The fir...


In 1881, Nellie Cashman aided in building an adobe structure which served as a combination church and rectory; the fi...


It was a journey of exploration, filled with wonder and cruelty. Inspired by rumors of vast quantities of gold, 339 so...


Dedicated 23 April 2009 Honoring the stamina, courage, and tenacity of soldiers assigned to the 9th Cavalry Regiment ...


Brewery Gulch

Bisbee, AZ

In the early 1900's the rough edges of Bisbee's mining camps could be found here in notorious Brewery Gulch with its ...


Boothill Graveyard

Tombstone, AZ

This Tombstone Cemetery gives mute testimony to the hardships of Western frontier life. The people buried here were h...


Originally constructed of wood in 1908, the Warren Ball Park is the oldest in the state of Arizona and stands as test...


Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior. Built 19...


The Mohawk is a high-performance, two-seat, observation aircraft made by the Grumman Corporation. The first model fle...

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