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Historic Sites in Katy, TX

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West Wallabi Island

Lake Hart, FL

The oldest known European structures in Australia are the remnants of a story filled with mutiny, murder, jea...


Architect. He helped create modern San Francisco. Born in Adams, New York, he apprenticed at Stanford White's f...


US Congressman. Elected to represent Illinois in the United States House of Representatives, he served from 185...


San Francisco Mayor. A native of New Hampshire, Bryant moved to California during the Gold Rush and settled in ...


California Governor. A native of Ohio, McDougall first saw military service in 1832 when he volunteered to serv...


Newspaper Editor, US Congressman. Born in Cherry Valley, New York, Gilbert volunteered for military service wit...


US Congressman. Elected to represent Nevada in the United States House of Representatives, he served from 1879 ...


Folk Figure. He became a legend in medicine for improbably surviving a catastrophic head injury. His is one of ...


Completed in 1924, this apartment building is a good example of multi-family housing constructed in the south end of ...


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- Stephen F. Austin State Historical Park, 663.3 acres in Austin County, was deeded by the San Felipe de Austin ...


During the mid-1820's, When Stephen F. Austin was founding this town, the only roads in the area were wagon ruts or b...


Martin Allen

Wallis, TX

As a young man Martin Allen assisted his father, Benjamin, in surveying roads in their native state of Kentucky. He m...


Built by John Crutcher in 1847 on the Plaza de Commercio in San Felipe, this was the last store built in the town aft...


John Bricker

San Felipe, TX

In memory of John Bricker a private in Captain Mosley Baker’s company, who was killed just across the river from this...


The 95,000 men of military age in Civil War Texas, unaccustomed to walking, preferred the daring and mobility of the ...


Sugar Land Refinery

Sugar Land, TX

The center of the sugar industry from Texas colonial days and the site of the first sugar refinery in Texas located b...


Central State Farm's roots trace to the late 1870s, when the original 5235 acres of the sugar plantation here were wo...


Stafford's Point

Stafford, TX

One of Stephen F. Austin's "Old 300," William J. Stafford (1764-1840), founded the settlement of Stafford's Point on ...


A Town Hall

San Felipe, TX

Near this site stood A Town Hall Built about 1830 in which were held the First and Second Conventions of Texas, 1832 ...


Morton Cemetery

Richmond, TX

Burial place of illustrious pioneers, including 1838-1841 Republic of Texas President Mirabeau B. Lamar (1798-1859) a...

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