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Historic Sites in North Dartmouth, MA

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Nick Altschuller
An open house offers so much entertainment. There's the voyeuristic tingle that comes with browsing a stranger's master bedroom. There's the daydreaming of a different life, where this time you get the skylight you've always wanted and somehow learned to love Victorian interior design. And, of... read more

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park is the only national park site dedicated to preserving and i...


1394 1460. His explorations and scientific accomplishments dispelled the legend of the tenebrous sea, beaconed the oc...


The saga of the Macomber Turnip began on Main Road. Aiden and Elihu Macomber returned to Westport from the Philadelph...


Chapel visited by Herman Melville and described in the novel Moby Dick. The chapel is a memorial to whalers ...


The Society has constructed two Azorean whaleboats, the Fayal and the Pico, displaying and sailing them through...


Double Bank

New Bedford, MA

Seeing Double As you gaze across Water Street toward the eight-pillar institution, compare closely what you see in th...


The Dartmouth

New Bedford, MA

Near this spot in 1767 the first ship built in New Bedford was launched. The Dartmouth Francis Rotch, Owner She was o...


Working Waterfront

New Bedford, MA

Working Waterfront-Standing here during the heyday of whaling you would have seen and heard the bustling of a whaling...


The Seamen's Bethel

New Bedford, MA

Saving Mariners' Souls After months at sea, many whaling men were unable to resist the temptations of this port city....


Signs of the Time

New Bedford, MA

The outward appearance of the brick and brownstone building diagonally in front of you has changed little over the ye...


Trial by Fire

New Bedford, MA

Trial by Fire-During the early hours of January 18, 1977, gas leaked from a cracked main into the cellar of O’Malley’...


Customary Duty-Replacing a makeshift operation closer to the waterfront, the U.S. Custom House at Bedford opened on t...


Twentieth-Century Whaling-As New Bedford’s whaling industry declined in the 19th century, more than a dozen other nat...


Making Room-During the days when New Bedford dominated the whaling trade, 10,000 seamen were required to sail the fle...


Whaleman’s Memorial

New Bedford, MA

A Dead Whale or a Stove Boat (inscription on back) In honor of the whalemen whose skill, hardihood and daring brought...


The Mariner's Home

New Bedford, MA

Home Away from the Sea Whaling men spent much of their lives at sea. The ship was their home. Back in port, most of t...


Fort Phoenix

Fairhaven, MA

Built for harbor defense in 1775 Destroyed by the British September 6th 1778 Later rebuilt and now the property of th...


Commonwealth of Toil

New Bedford, MA

Longshoremen’s Union. On this site in 1936, Cape Verdean and Portuguese dockworkers formed Locals 1413 and 1465 of th...


White's Factory

Acushnet, MA

A mill dam was first built on this site in 1746. About 1799, William White, Sr. built a stone water-powered cotton mi...

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