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Historic Sites in North Easton, MA

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Nick Altschuller
The middle of the 19th century saw the arrival of Transcendentalism, a philosophy grounded in the idea that intelligence "transcends" what we can decipher with our five senses, and true knowledge can be gleaned through intuition. It's a rather self-assured school of thought, which makes it no... read more

Wading River Farm

Mansfield, MA

Wading River Farm Location of First house in Foxborough 1670



Foxboro, MA

Hervey Pettee built a thread mill at this site in 1813. A spring freshet in 1831 washed out the dam and ruined the fa...



South Walpole, MA

Populated by members of the Morse family since the early 1700's, this section of Foxborough was known as Morseville. ...


Is built upon portions of the estate of Ebenezer Warren, who answered the call in the battle Lexington April 19, 1775...


Site of First Church in Norton Built 1710 This post ordered by the town in 1889


The Reservoir on Powder House Hill The circular granite structure to the rear of the town hall lot is the reservoir e...


Originally settled as Paineburgh, taking its name from the many members of the Paine family who settled here, this se...


Site of Walpole's first houses of God, Those of Reverend Philip Payson and Reverend George Morey, Early Harvard Gradu...


In 1783, Nehemiah Carpenter, Samuel Baker and Jeremiah Hartshorn conveyed to the selectmen and their successors in of...


The Native American Sachem, Metacomet of Pokonoket, called King Philip by the English, Sachem or chief of the Wampano...


The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is dedicated to the memory of our nation's thirty-fifth pre...


The land which comprises this cemetery dates back to June 1702, and is the original town common. Originally called "T...


The Old Bay Road

South Easton, MA

An ancient Indian trail. The Post Road between Massachusetts Bay and Narragansett Bay. The first highway in Easton. T...


To help support its public school,Dorchester set aside a 650 acre farm in this vicinity which it leased in 1710 to Ro...


Union Straw Works Members of the Carpenter family became engaged in various straw manufacturing operations. In 1843 t...


Here in the old red brick school house was held the first service of worship by the Mansfield Congregational Church M...


Not all patients of the Massachusetts Hospital for Dipsomaniacs and Inebriates or its successor, the Foxboro State Ho...


Memorial Hall

Foxborough, MA

Proud of those who fought and died in the Civil War, as well as those who assisted the war effort in so many ways, th...


East Foxborough

Foxboro, MA

Settled by members of the Atherton, Boyden, Hodges, Morse, Pratt, Robbins and other families, This section was known ...


The First Burial Ground is the presumed buying place of Norton's pioneer settler's. William Witherell, who died in Se...

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