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Historic Sites in Rockland, TN

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In 1843, Goodlettsville Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized near Mansker Creek and was originally known as M...


Bowen Plantation House

Goodlettsville, TN

Captain William Bowen was awarded land grants for military services during the Revolutionary War and the ...


Mansker’s Station

Goodlettsville, TN

Here, near Mansker’s Lick, Casper Mansker established a station of the Cumberland Settlements in 1780. The road conne...


The mission of the Tennessee Historical Commission is to encourage the inclusive diverse study of Tenness...


Free Hill Road

Hendersonville, TN

In 1860, Sumner County's population of African descent consisted of 7,700 slaves. After America's Civil War, emancipa...


In the years after Andrew Jackson’s death, the Jackson’s financial situation changed for the worse. The log farmhouse...


Andrew Jackson arrived at the Hermitage in 1804 with nine slaves. By 1821, that number had risen to fifty. In 1823, J...


Andrew Jackson took on life with grit and determination. Both served him well. Through persistence, ambition, and luc...


This log building was not part of Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. In 1929, a fire destroyed one of Jackson’s original bar...


The Hermitage Mansion

Old Hickory, TN

Elegant as it is, The Hermitage Mansion is also a prime example that, indeed, beauty sometimes does lie in the eye of...


At a time when limited resources led to smaller dwellings, the distinctions between indoor and outdoor life blurred. ...


The Springhouse

Old Hickory, TN

Of all the enticements Tennessee offered settlers, one promised both survival and a future: Water. Falling from above...


The First Hermitage

Old Hickory, TN

These log buildings tell a remarkable American story unlike any other. From 1804 to 1821, as a two-story farmhouse an...


Rachel Jackson quietly suffered through Jackson’s bid for the White House, as his enemies attacked the circumstances ...


Near here in 1820 the first Catholic Church in Tennessee was built by Irish Catholic workers then building a bridge o...


First Long Hunters

Goodlettsville, TN

1765, Henry Skaggs, his brothers, Charles and Richard, and Joseph Drake and a group of other long hunters were the fi...


Filed Quarter Trail

Old Hickory, TN

This path leads to the Field Quarter, an area that was once home to at least eighty enslaved African Americans. A ser...


The idyllic planter’s life presented to white visitors by the Jackson family was based on the unpaid labor of over 15...


Growing Cotton

Old Hickory, TN

Andrew Jackson called it his farm, but in reality, The Hermitage was a large cotton plantation dependent upon enslave...

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