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History and Heritage in Middletown, CA

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This building built in 1871 was the first church in Middletown


Stone House

Middletown, CA

Oldest building in Lake County. Erected of stone in 1853-4 by Robert Sterling, whose wife was first white woman in Co...


Building Moved To the Farmer Place 1894 Destroyed by Storm 1948 Marker Relocated 1960


The Old Bull Trail Road ran from Napa Valley to Middletown. It was built by volunteers in the 1850’s. A number of gra...


Calistoga Depot

Calistoga, CA

Built by Sam Brannan for the Napa Valley Railroad in 1868 one year before the completion of the Transcontinental Rail...


This historic grist mill known as the Bale Mill was erected by Dr. E.T. Bale, Grantee Carne Humana Rancho, in 1846. T...


Charles Krug, a Prussian immigrant with controversial political beliefs for which he was briefly jailed, finally arri...


Cesare Mondavi, an Italian immigrant, settled first in Minnesota in 1908. After a brief career in the iron mines, he ...


Charles Krug Winery

Deer Park, CA

Founded in 1861 by Charles Krug (1825 1892). This is the oldest operating winery in Napa Valley. The pioneer wine mak...


Built by Frederick and Jacob Beringer, natives of Mainz, Germany. This winery has the unique distinction of never hav...


Hudson House

Deer Park, CA

The Hudson House, constructed in 1852, was residence of David Hudson, a California pioneer involved in the Bear Flag ...


Felix Salmina arrived from Switzerland in the 1860’s and in 1892 purchased this winery that had been established in 1...



Deer Park, CA

Departed this life February 1953 Located on the hill to the east and south of this point was a haven of comfort to ma...


Richie Block

Deer Park, CA

A fine example of Victorian architecture, this building was erected in 1892 by M. G. Richie. For many years it has se...


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Situated on what was once a Mexican Land Grant to Dr. Edward Bale, White Sulphur Springs was discovered in 1848 and a...


Healdsburg Museum

Healdsburg, CA

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The Heraldsburg Museum houses an impressive range of artifacts and documents related to northern Sonoma County ...


The Calistoga Sam Brannan center, including the Sharpsteen Museum and the Sam Brannan Cottage, is dedicated to Calist...


Standing at the crossroads of Pope Valley, this store was the center of activities for the area's residents for nearl...



Deer Park, CA

Founded in 1862 by Jacob Schram. This was the first hillside winery of the Napa Valley. Robert Louis Stevenson, visit...


Henry Haus, a native of Switzerland, came to Pope Valley in 1889 at the age of 16. He opened his blacksmith shop in t...

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