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History and Heritage in Quartzsite, AZ

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The La Posa Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA) was created in 1983 to fulfill the needs of winter visitors and to pr...


Oasis Hotel Site

Quartzsite, AZ

Established between 1899 & 1904. Existed until 1924. Overall dimensions 12' x 40', consisting of station and sleeping...


Tyson's Well

Quartzsite, AZ

This was a stage stop between Ehrenberg and Wickenburg and points east. Travelers in the 1870's and 80's made their f...


Last Camp of Hi Jolly Born somewhere in Syria about 1828 Died at Quartzsite December 16, 1902 Came to this country Fe...


Hi Jolly

Quartzsite, AZ

The famous camel herd with which the name of Hi Jolly is linked constitutes an interesting sidelight of Arizona histo...


Blythe Intaglios

Ehrenberg, AZ

There are a total of six distinct figures in three locations, including a human figure at each location and an ...


The cemetery is all that's left of old Ehrenberg. Ehrenberg was settled in 1867 and named for surveyor He...


This monument built to perpetuate the memory of the pioneers, trailblazers, and adventurers that rest in these unmark...


First used sometime after June 16, 1862. Some of Arizona's earliest pioneers, people of every race and moral persuasi...


Quinn Pass

Parker, AZ

Thomas P. Quinn, born in 1869 in New Jersey, had a mine near here and dug a cistern to catch water. He built a house ...


We honor our ancestors who died violent deaths at the hands of their captors and at this concentration camp. We greet...


Blythe Intake

Ehrenberg, AZ

On July 17, 1877, Thomas Blythe, a San Francisco financier, filed the first legal claim for Colorado River water righ...


Dedicated to the many pioneers that recognized the potential and value to our Valley of a gravity irrigation system, ...



Poston, AZ

About 13 miles southwest of Parker, on Indian Route (IR) 1 (Mohave Rd/Parker-Poston Road) in the heart of the... history.rootsweb


He was our drinking buddy While on duty He drank our beer He was Full of good cheer And went to the nurses' quarters ...


Monument Row

Bouse, AZ

We bring to a close We tried to fine We must now impose Units not found 748th Tank Battalion 105th Station Hospital 5...


Dedicated to the men who gave time in their lives to serve honorably and courageously for our country. We take this m...

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