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History and Heritage in Tennant, CA

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Macdoel, CA

Named after John D. Tennant, an official of the Long Bell Lumber Co. Besides the store that is still here, the town h...


Here we came in cite of the bute It is a splendid cite Went down the hill on to the flats Spencer & Brill shot a deer...


As early as 1852 wagon trains of overland emigrants crossed 600 feet to the north into Shasta Valley and Yreka; and a...


President Franklin Delano Roosevelt established the Civilian Conservation Corps on March 31, 1933, to provide employm...


At some time within the last several thousand years, an eruption of magna from the bottom of the earth crust sent a b...


It is difficult today to trace the disposition of all those killed in action during the Modoc War. This site was firs...


Spatter Cones

Tulelake, CA

The chimneys before you built up as hot gasses propelled globs of lava high into the air like lumpy oatmeal boiling o...


When I was a child…I played around Tule Lake where the tules and grass grow thick… We used to go out in the tall gras...


Preserved for its caves and volcanic features since 1925, Lava Beds serves as an outdoor school for professional and ...


Beds of Lava

Tulelake, CA

Imagine watching hot lava flowing toward you at this spot over twelve thousand years ago. Like treads rolling on a ta...


From this command post, the U.S. Army directed part of a frustrating campaign against a small band of Modoc Indians. ...


Through the winter of 1872-1873, a vastly outnumbered group of Modoc Indians resisted attempts by the U.S. Army to re...


Was a stage stop on first wagon road into Siskiyou County. The road known as Military Pass Road (circling Mt. Shasta ...


By April 1873, months of peace talks to end the Modoc War had gone nowhere. General E.R.S. Canby found himself caught...

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