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History and Heritage in Woodburn, KY

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Grumman F9F-5 Panther

Bowling Green, KY

John Joseph Magda, Jr. was born in Camp Taylor,KY 1918. He attended Western Kentucky State Teachers College in Bowlin...


General Cherry was born in Youngstown, OH, on March 4, 1939 and moved to Bowling Green, KY as an infant. He and his f...


The cave entrance of Lost River Cave is really impressive. It was used for shelter by Native Americans for 10,00...


The Bridge

Bowling Green, KY

Four bridges have spanned the Barren River at this site. The center pylon dates from the first bridge that was built ...


The Shakers were a communal religious organization that flourished in America during the 19th century. The...


Fall 1861 On September 20, 1861 John Hunt Morgan left Lexington, Kentucky with two wagons full of arms he had taken f...


Step back in time to the golden era of railroad passenger service as a Tour Guide takes you behind the scenes o...


College Hill

Bowling Green, KY

Now known as Reservoir Hill, one of nine key fortifications of CSA defense during 1861 Civil War occupation of Bowlin...


The Kentucky Museum Store features a variety of Kentucky crafts and gift items related to the collection. Merch...


Step back in time to the golden era of railroad passenger service as a Tour Guide takes you behind the scenes o...


Odgen College

Bowling Green, KY

Founded here, 1877, with funds left by Robert Ogden, local businessman. Filled educational gap, as there were no publ...


Baker Hill

Bowling Green, KY

One of nine hills fortified by CSA making Bowling Green a strong Confederate defense center, 1861. Feb. 14, 1862, day...


Building a Defence Stockade for the L&N Trestle on the Big Barren River Railroad tracks, trestles and tunnels were fr...


The Nahm Building

Bowling Green, KY

~~History~~ The Nahm Building was constructed in 1888 by Emanuel Nahm for the E. Nahm & Co. Clothing, Hats & Shoes st...


Railroad Workers' Neighborhood Much of downtown Bowling Green west of Louisville & Nashville tracks owes its developm...


Henry Hardin Cherry

Bowling Green, KY

Leader of the movement to establish Kentucky Normal Schools and teachers College. President Southern Normal School 18...

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