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History and Heritage in Woonsocket, RI

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Nick Altschuller
A giant ball of twine. The world's largest pistachio nut. SeaWorld. The country is full of odd attractions we feel compelled to see, as if we're duty-bound to honor their absurdity. Inside, however, we know that twine is boring, no matter the quantity in which it comes. Ironic enjoyment is a... read more

Nine Men’s Misery

Cumberland, RI

On this spot where they were slain by the Indians were buried the nine soldiers captured in Pierce’s fight. March 26,...


Pioneer of the Public School System Born May 4, 1796


This Monument is dedicated to those who left their daily tasks among us to fight and die if needed be that freedom ma...


Dedicated to the men and women of Franklin who served their country in the pursuit of a free Iraq. 20 March 2003 We c...


April 21, 1898 In remembrance of the men of Franklin who volunteered to serve in the war against Spain because of: · ...


Here stood Mendon's first meetinghouse, built in 1668 and destroyed by Indians in 1676. Joseph Emerson, the minister,...


Who fought in the French-Indian Wars 1755 - 1763 and its Minute Men who responded so quickly to the Lexington Alarm A...


Over the years the family made only a few changes respecting the historic integrity of their ancestor's l...


5 August 1964 • 7 May 1975 Dedicated by the people of Franklin to honor those who served their country during hostili...


Adin Ballou Preacher, Author, Reformer, Philanthropist, Apostle of Christian Socialism, and Founder of the Hopedale C...


Old Powder House 1768

North Attleboro, MA

Built to store gun powder and ammunition used during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812


Though over restored, the Arnold House is still the best of the "stone-enders" remaining in Rhode Island....


Adjacent to the Hearthside House property and Chase Farm Park on Great Road is the 1870"s Hannaway Blacks...


The Quakers can boast of a long and rich historical legacy in America. The Lincoln, Rhode Island Quakers ...


Draper Farm Historic Site

North Attleboro, MA

Circa 4000BC Natives of this area made tools from red felsite rock. 1669-1771 The Allen, Capron and Mann families own...

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