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Multicultural in Rockville, MD

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Sandy Spring Museum

Sandy Spring, MD

Sandy Spring Museum is a voluntary organization that provides various related services. Located in Sandy Spring, Md., the fir...


This log structure, acquired as part of Reddy Branch Stream Valley Park, was once part of Oakley Farm. Built before o...


Madison House

Olney, MD

On August 26, 1814 this house provided shelter for President Madison and his official party during the British burnin...


After the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln and Congress created the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands to aid...


Father Divine was an influential and charismatic religious leader and founder of the International Peace Mission Move...


A hearse drawn by four white horses was a hallmark of the Snowden Funeral Home, the first African American-owned fune...


Should you receive the same pay for doing the same work? William B. Gibbs, teacher and principal of the Rockville Col...


On June 30, 1960 African Americans Gwendolyn Greene (Britt), William Griffin, Michael Proctor, Marvous Saunders and C...


Mr. T’s

Rockville, MD

After being made to wait while five white patrons who came in after him were served, George T. Johnson opened Mr. T’s...


Galilean Temple

Rockville, MD

This was once a vital center of the African American community in Rockville: the Eureka Tabernacle Number 29 of the O...


Beall-Dawson House

Rockville, MD

Upton Beall, wealthy landowner and Clerk of Court, owned 25 slaves when he died in 1827. After Upton Beall died, his ...


Rockville's First Colored School 246 North Washington Street In March, 1867, twenty African Americans pledged to supp...


Rockville was an early center of Methodism in Montgomery County. Methodists first met in private homes with occasiona...


Frank D. Reeves

Silver Spring, MD

Frank D. Reeves (1916 1973), a lawyer and civil rights activist, was part of the team that shaped the 1954 Brown v. B...


Smithville Colored School

Silver Spring, MD

Built in 1927, the Smithfield Colored School was one of sixteen schools for African Americans constructed in the coun...


Long before the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, some enslaved people freed themselves by escaping to Canada. In 18...


Modern Banking

Silver Spring, MD

The 1958 Perpetual Building Association office at 8700 Georgia Avenue is the finest example of Mid-Century Modern arc...


By Act of Congress This building is designated as the (sic) The Louis Stokes Laboratories Congressman Louis Stokes se...


Racial tensions between African American and white church members peaked immediately before the Civil War. Pro-slaver...


Sandy Spring has had large Quaker and African American populations since its founding in the 1720s. Encouraged by the...

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