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Offbeat Attractions in Detroit, MI

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Funded during the Depression by the pocketbooks of a newspaper advice columnist's thousands-strong fan base, ...


Uniroyal Giant Tire

Allen Park, MI

The 80 foot tire which looms over Michigan's I-94 was once a Ferris wheel in the New York World Fair


Blaine Shul

Detroit, MI

Mishkan Yisroel Synagogue on Blaine just west of Linwood, thus colloquially called Blaine Shul


Possibly the most photographed abandoned building in Detroit, the massive Beaux-Arts train station known as M...


Haunted House in Warren MI Deadly Intentions The Final Chapter. This is our 10th final season. We have pulled...


The only surviving prototype for Buckminster Fuller's house of the future


Wireless Giant

Detroit, MI

On top of the Ira Wilson & Sons Dairy Building, a giant cow head surveys the landscape and attracts visitors ...


Originally the Calvary Presbyterian Church, the building was dedicated in 1918. It reached peak attendance at...


Dabl's Gallery

Detroit, MI

Tucked into a former house on Detroit's near west side, a short ride from downtown, the Mbad Museum and Dabl'...


Fisher Building

Detroit, MI

Fisher Theatre was opened as a movie and vaudeville house in 1928. It featured Mexican-Indian art, banana trees, a goldfish p...


Detroit is known for many things: the auto industry, the failure of the auto industry, hockey, Motown, and la...


Following a visit to an Italian aquarium in the 1890s, Michigan Representative David Heineman returned home a...


Salt Co

Detroit, MI

Over a thousand feet beneath the Detroit streets is a subterranean metropolis few are allowed to enter


Stand in the studio where countless hits for the famous Motown label were recorded. This modest brick hom...


Michigan Theatre

Detroit, MI

Opulent downtown movie theater now houses cars as an indoor parking garage


Built in 1899 at a cost of $50,000 dollars, this turreted building served as the meeting hall and memorial fo...


The Henry Ford

Dearborn, MI

At this intersection stood the home in which Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863. The farm house was owned by Ford's...


Vanity Ballroom

Detroit, MI

Opened in 1929, the Vanity Ballroom established itself as one of Detroit’s most popular music venues up throu...

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