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Places of Interest in Harpersville, AL

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DeSoto Caverns Park

Childersburg, AL

5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings

DeSOTO CAVERNS PARK - Alabama’s BIG Cave & MORE! Boasts of being one of the most beautiful, and historic show ...


Morgan Creek Vineyards

Harpersville, AL

Morgan Creek Vineyards offers a range of dry and sweet wines. It sells wines under the Noble, Blueberry, Cahaba White, Blush,...


This cemetery was established around 1841. The oldest marked grave is for Polly Webster (1822-May 3, 1841), daughter ...


Old Baker Farm

Harpersville, AL

5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

Christmas trees-you choose and you cut, trees tied, tree shaking provided, trees baled, free tree...


Crocodile House

Fountain Valley, CA

Living inside a fearsome reptile in the Ivory Coast


Wilsonville, nestled near Lay Lake in Shelby County, was named for Adam Wilson. The town was incorporated in 1897. Wi...


Wilsonville Cemetery

Wilsonville, AL

This cemetery has been an important resting place for loved ones since the early 1800s. A Dutchman named Avehard is b...


This cemetery was established August 20, 1857, by George C. and Purnelea Crawford. In an earnest desire to promote Go...


1492 - Columbus visits Caribbean islands 1519 - Pineda visits Mobile area 1528 - Narváez reaches Mobile area 1540 - D...


Historic Harpersville

Harpersville, AL

Harpersville is one of Shelby County’s oldest communities. Its existence precedes that of Shelby County and the State...


Town of Vincent

Vincent, AL

The Town of Vincent is located on land that was granted to the Kidd family by the Governor of Alabama in the 1800's. ...


Confederate Forts

Wilsonville, AL

Near this site are the remains of three forts built in 1863 by Confederate troops under the command of Major W.T. Wal...


The oldest known grave is that of Oprah Moore (1772-1823), consort to Rev. (Doctor) Lemuel Moore. This is the final r...


Town of Westover

Westover, AL

Located in Shelby County, the Town of Westover was established in 1901. Originally called Weldon or Cobb, Westover re...


Musician, Singer, Songwriter. Wendy learned to play her father’s banjo at an early age. Her father took her to ...


Carmike Summit 16

Birmingham, AL

16+ Screens . The Summit Shopping Ctr

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