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Places of Interest in New Marlborough, MA

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- *This information was provided by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection* This park is a "walk...


Riiska Brook Orchard

Sandisfield, MA

Alternate Phone: 413-822-7811. . (ADDED: September 21, 2011)


These Trees Have Been Dedicated to the Memory of Our Men of the Town of Sheffield, Who Gave Their Lives in World War ...


In Memory Of The Citizens of Sheffield Who So Loyally Served In the World War 1941 - 1945


Here Stood the Big Elm For many years the largest in Massachusetts Under its spreading branches historic meetings wer...


Gen. Henry Knox Trail

Great Barrington, MA

Through this place passed General Henry Knox in the winter of 1775 1776 to deliver to General George Washington at Ca...


A Tribute Of honor and Gratitude To Her Citizens Who Fought For Liberty and Union 1861. 1865. Erected by the Town of ...


IEEE Milestone

Great Barrington, MA

IEEE Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing Alternating Current Electrification, 1886 On 20 March 1886 Wil...


Shays Rebellion

Sheffield, MA

Last Battle of Shays Rebellion was here Feb. 27, 1787.


You Stand Free Because They Served In everlasting memory and tribute to the men and women of Great Barrington who, in...


Cast Steel Bell

Sheffield, MA

Cast Steel Bell Sheffield, England, 1860 Made by the Naylor Vickers & Co. foundry using E. Riepe’s patent. This bell ...


Near this spot stood the first court house of Berkshire County erected 1764. Here August 16, 1774 occurred the first ...


Memorial Street Light

Great Barrington, MA

Memorial Street Light erected by Massachusetts Electric Company June 28, 1986 in recognition of William Stanley and h...


THE OLDEST COVERED BRIDGE IN MASSACHUSETTS was ordered to be built in 1854. At a meeting in late 1853 the Sheffield S...


The Clock On This Church Was Placed Here By The G.A.R. and W.R.C. Of This Country As A Memorial Of George F. Root Bor...


Through this place passed General Henry Knox in the winter of 1775 1776 to deliver to General George Washington at Ca...


William Stanley

Great Barrington, MA

William Stanley 1858     1916 Inventor His genius made Great Barrington the first community to be lighted by alternat...


Ashley House

Sheffield, MA

Learn about two very different people who fought for freedom and liberty – and changed our history.

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