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Sauer Castle
935 Shawnee Rd
Kansas City, KS 66103
Yelp (6)
"LOCATION:This castle is very tricky to find, but Tom and I were tenacious and we finally found it, after getting a hint from a county worker where it was located. It is located in a nice, neighborhood made up of a lot of curvy s streets, up on the hill between the 69 and 35 Hwy. DESCRIPTION:..."
Michelle H.
This is how horror movies start. A small, quiet street in a rundown little neighborhood finds two tourists in their rental car in the middle of the... more
Colleen O.
Sauer Castle is in the National Register of Historic Places, it's a Kansas City must-see if you've never taken the haunting trip to the top of the bluff... more
Luis V.
Where the directions say the castle is at, is actually my house... Well the corner it's a tribally just a couple blocks down from me... more
More descriptions from the web...
"This empty familial estate was almost certainly sent into decline thanks to the ghost stories surrounding it"

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Sauer Castle

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