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Textile Museum
2320 S ST NW
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 667-0441
Yelp (17)
"Established in 1925, the Textile Museum is dedicated to expanding local, national and international public awareness about the artistic merit and cultural importance of the world's textiles. Based in Washington, DC, its facility consists of galleries, program spaces, shop and a research library. The"
Pam Z.
Beautiful! Stumbled upon this place purely by accident when the Philips collection was overcrowded. You'll be getting a ton of information on something... more
Dee B.
A city as large and diverse as Washington, D.C. is bound to have many hidden jewels in its crown of great places. The Textile Museum is one of DC's... more
angela n.
Besides my Thursday night addiction to Ugly Betty, I usually have zero interest in fashion or fabrics of any kind. But I found this museum to be... more
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"This museum teaches visitors about the history and evolution of textiles, which have played an important role in the economic and cultural history of our world. The vast collections of rugs and other pieces of textile art showcase the technical developments made over the years. The selection..."
"An elegant little museum tells the story of woven works of art, from embroideries to masterpiece rugs."

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Textile Museum

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