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Timpanogos Peak Trail
Provo, UT

4 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
"One of the most popular hikes in American Fork Canyon leads to the “heart” of Mount Timpanogos, which is found in Timpanogos Cave. Open to visitors during the summer months, this relatively strenuous hike takes you to the cave’s entrance, where guided tours are available. This treasure house is..."
Michael_Kiernan did this trip on 6/10/2010 and gave it 4 stars out of 5: A wonderful day hike only 30 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City. The American Fork River course... from
A strenuous hike on a well maintained and traveled trail. It is hike good for families, college students, and day hikers in good shape. The half way opoint is Emerald Lak... from
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"General Description There are three caves at this site connected by one tunnel and open to the public from early May through early November each year. The caves provide a glimpse of underground formations discovered in the late Nineteenth century. A fee is charged to tour the caves and tickets..."

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Timpanogos Peak Trail

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